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 snippets on mirrors

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Ana Gerr-Management
Ana Gerr-Management

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PostSubject: snippets on mirrors   snippets on mirrors EmptyMon May 25, 2009 6:28 pm

it is believed to have a mirror in your house is good luck

having a mirror next to a threshold ie front door can stop evil crossing over

smahing a mirror denotes 7 years bad luck

mirrors are used in a lot of seances, placed on the table top.

placing a mirror in the co of a child will help protect them from evil possesion ( though dangerous for health and safety reasons lol)

In some ancient cultures when a loved one died under extenuating circumstances- be it murder, a horrible accident or suffering from unrequited love- it was considered prudent to cover all the mirrors in the house. The belief was that the spirit of the dead would be hanging about, looking for a body to posses in order to resolve a few issues before moving on. This is just one of many superstitions involving mirrors.

One interesting superstition involving mirrors is tied in with a famous myth- vampires. According to many stories about the nocturnal blood suckers, they can not cast a reflection in a mirror. This is yet another link to the ancient beliefs that mirrors can interact with a person’s soul.
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PostSubject: Re: snippets on mirrors   snippets on mirrors EmptyMon Jun 01, 2009 6:10 pm

Mirrors. Polished glass.
There are NO supernatural powers attached to them. Inanimate objects are foolish fixations of superstitions.


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snippets on mirrors
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